GXR120 Rammer

The GXR120 is the perfect power source for rammers, an application with high demands on the engine.

Engine features:

  • The OHC design is driven by a maintenance-free, low-noise timing belt, which makes the engine more compact and lightweight.
  • High power-to-displacement ratio.
  • A special cast iron cylinder sleeve and a high carbon steel, dual, ball-bearing crankshaft ensures high durability and reliability.
  • The recoil starter and fan cover are made of durable steel to increase the toughness of the engine.
  • The newly-designed compact muffler combined with the OHC engine layout reduces the operating noise even more to improve user-friendliness.
  • A simple but innovative lubrication system with dual breather chamber guarantees an optimum engine lubricating performance.
  • Meets world's most stringent environmental legislation.