Fuel efficiency

With the introduction of GX and GXV general purpose engines in 1983, Honda has been a pioneer in developing more efficient fuel consumption overhead valve (OHV) technology, superceding side-valve technology commonly used in small petrol engines.

This fuel efficient technology continued with the introduction in 1997 of GC and GCV engines with overhead camshaft technology (OHC).

These innovations by Honda mean an average engine's fuel consumption can be reduced by 25% compared with side-valve engines.

The "greenhouse gas" carbon dioxide (CO2) - emitted by all internal combustion engines and a major contribution to global warming - is proportionally reduced by Honda's OHV and OHC efficient fuel consumption technologies.


Since 2010 Honda has further improved fuel efficiency with redesigned GX engines with new features such as variable ignition timing (digital CDI), increased compression ratio, improved carburettor performance, and a lightweight piston.