Honda Environmental Vision

In 2010, we announced that our ultimate goal in the years leading up to 2020 would be to provide "good products to customers with speed, affordability, and low CO2 emissions." The Honda Environmental Vision gives us the direction we need when making environmental efforts to achieve this goal. It expresses our passionate desire to contribute to the sustainable growth of society and harmony between people so we can continue to deliver excitement through products and services that support personal mobility and a better life in general.

Honda Environmental Vision

Realizing the joy and freedom of mobility and a sustainable society where people can enjoy life

In working to achieve this vision, the following objectives shape our environmental initiatives around the world:

  • At each stage of its products' life cycles (products, corporate activities), Honda aims to
    • Minimize the use of fossil fuel and resources newly recovered from the Earth
    • Minimize environmental impacts, including greenhouse gas emissions
  • Honda aims to reduce to zero greenhouse gas emissions from Honda products used for mobility and in people's everyday lives.

We created "Blue Skies for Our Children" as a global environmental slogan expressing our commitment to do more to realize our environmental vision. The graphic on the right symbolizes the global environmental slogan.


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