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Honda launches an all new Cyclone Air Cleaner for its GX-series

The new Cyclone Air Cleaner fits more tightly within the overall shape of each GX engine model. The new, smaller design specifically targets OEM applications where reduced overall engine dimensions are critical. In addition, the new Cyclone Air Cleaner will continue to offer the same superior filtration efficiency with a triple-cleaning chamber that will be particularly useful in applications where the equipment operates in extremely dusty conditions.

The air cleaner's mesh screen is designed to effectively take in air, directing it to three tubular cyclone chambers. Each turbo fin-shaped entrance efficiently accelerates the air as it travels from top to bottom, forcing particulates from the air stream. This design allows dirt and debris to be trapped and removed prior to reaching the foam pre-cleaner. The smallest particles are finally isolated and treated by a pleated air filter—so that only clean air enters the engine.

Due to this high particulate removal efficiency, Honda GX engines with the cyclone air cleaner benefit from a maintenance interval that is three times longer than Honda engines with standard dual element air cleaners.