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A New Line-up of Vertical-Shaft Engines … Shaped for the Future

A New Line-up of Vertical-Shaft Engines … Shaped for the Future

The first GCV engines were introduced in the European market in 1997.  For over 20 years now, they are being successfully sold to power ‘premium’ lawnmowers and – mainly in the United States –pressure washers too.

Although the GCV engines have been developed technically over those two decades and are still valued by the market, Honda has decided to offer a complete new line-up of gasoline engines to power applications that require an engine with vertically-oriented crankshaft (i.e. lawnmowers).

Statistics show that the market for ‘consumer’ (vertical shaft) gasoline engines is quite vast and notwithstanding the upcoming trend of electrification is still amounting to around 10 million units globally.  On the other hand, future emission regulations as well as customer expectations are becoming more stringent.  With the new line-up of engines, Honda wants to increase its global market share by meeting both customer expectations and the challenge of complying with future emission regulations.

Although fully re designed, the engines will stay in the “GCV” category in order to maintain continuity, but the name will be GCVx.  The “X” stands for “next” generation of vertical-shaft Honda engines …

GCVx stands for a “Brand-New”, “State-of-the-Art” “Engine line-up”.  Its new design incorporates the latest ‘Honda Technology Features’ in order to meet and satisfy today’s and future market requirements for gasoline-powered ‘domestic’ L&G applications.

Innovative Styling …
The uniquely designed Honda standard engine cover has no cooling holes, thus creating a large enough surface to apply ‘customer specific labels’. The engine design also gives OEMs the option of applying their own top cover for easy differentiation.

Choice and differentiation in line with customer requirements …
Where the current line-up of GCV engines consists of two displacements, GCVx will have three displacements: 145/170/200 cc to cover a wider range of worldwide customer requirements.

More Power and Torque with less weight …
Larger engine displacements with a compact design boasting superior torque for better cutting & collecting.

EU Stage V certified with enough potential to meet future even more stringent emission regulations, including CARB and EPA.

Increased performance and reliability …
Improved user comfort …

While based on ‘OHV technology’ (similar to our ‘GX(V)’engines), GCVx incorporates the latest ‘Honda Technology Features’:

  • ‘Stable Combustion Technology – SCT’ where the combination of ‘long stroke’, optimized shape of the combustion chamber and ‘V-shaped’ valve layout provides more efficient combustion and better ability to cope with ‘low quality fuel’.
  • The ‘Auto Choke Comfort System – ACS’ has been enhanced by optimized location of the wax element for better heat transfer and a simpler structure, providing easy and reliable starting in all conditions.

High frequency noise is reduced by a new muffler structure and resin muffler protector, which makes noise smoother than current GCV.

Easy to service …

  • Easier to fill fuel thanks to bigger fuel filler size
  • More convenient to drain oil thanks to optimized oil drain position
  • Tool-less air cleaner cover
  • Easy carburetor assembly by adding stud bolts
  • Smart engine layout for easy crankshaft replacement

Production will start initially in May in Kumamoto/Japan (Kss), which is the parent factory for all Honda Power Products factories worldwide.  Honda has set up an ‘auto-assembly’ production line for the GCVx engines in Kumamoto, enabling the production method to be rolled out while maintaining premium product quality.

Due to the complexity involved in changing production and marketing ‘in one go’, there will be a ‘phased introduction’, with sales starting in Europe as from September 2018.


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