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Honda Engines goes Li-ion

Honda Engines goes Li-ion

Honda GX series commercial grade engines are legendary! They are the preferred choice for powering professional applications and well known for their reliability.

Honda believes that for its sustainability it is important to provide products and services of value as well as fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, for example by considering the impact on the environment and society of its business activities (Honda Sustainability Report 2018 With this in mind, Honda engineers have been working hard on a battery-powered electric power source for professional applications such as construction equipment. The main and most difficult condition was that the product had to meet GX standards in terms of reliability and durability. We believe our eGX is worthy of the GX name!
The eGX is the first Honda 2kW electric power class model focused on specific professional applications where zero emissions is the main requirement.

  • Zero-emissions 2kW class ‘’GX-style’’ power unit
  • Highly efficient electric motor with compact battery pack
  • Easily interchangeable with GX gasoline engines (same mounting flange)
  • for easy replacement (existing GX customers)
  • Legendary GX commercial grade durability – shock-, dust-, and rain proof
  • Low vibrations
  • No maintenance

Depending on market demand and developments in battery technology, we plan to extend and strengthen the eGX line-up with larger models.

eGX …when lower noise and zero emissions are a prerequisite for getting a professional job done

Main characteristics in detail:

The eGX has been entirely developed in-house by Honda.
The special high-efficiency brushless DC motor is derived from the Honda technology incorporated in the recently launched EU22i generators.
The battery specifications are not yet fixed. The goal is to achieve maximal running time for the targeted applications by combining our high-efficiency motor with the most compact battery pack.
Honda will offer a quick charger especially developed for charging our battery.
The engine-flange mounting holes and shaft dimensions are the same as on the GX(R)100/120, while the overall dimensions (LxWxH) of the integrated version are similar to the GX120.

Two types will be launched:

  • An ‘integrated’ type where the battery is positioned on top of the motor (e.g. as a source of power for vibratory plates);
  • A ‘separate’ type where the layout is more flexible and modular, allowing adjustment to the OEM’s specific frame design (e.g. as a source of power for rammer equipment).

Needless to say, all engines come with Honda’s renowned application engineering support.

Like the GX gasoline versions, all the eGX components can withstand the vibrations that construction machinery such as rammers and plate compactors are subject to.

The shockproof eGX can be used in the same working conditions as our current GX gasoline engine range in terms of dust, rain and operating temperature.

The eGX is certified for sales in Europe, the USA and Japan.


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