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Honda’s V-Twin Model Line-up Expands with two EFI models ... When Reliability meets Intelligence

Honda’s V-Twin Model Line-up Expands with two EFI models ... When Reliability meets Intelligence

Honda is expanding its GX-Series V-Twin Model Line-up by introducing the iGX700 and iGX800 in both horizontal and vertical configuration.
These models are equipped with a state of the art electronic fuel injection (EFI) system replacing the conventional carburettor, delivering additional features and reliability for the most demanding of commercial applications including construction equipment (concrete saws, ride-on concrete trowels, vibratory rollers, generators, etc.) and lawn and garden equipment (tractors, shredders, etc.).

  • Compact design similar to the existing V-Twin models allowing easy incorporation into existing OEM applications
  • Integrated ECU architecture (allowing to ‘manage’ the key aspects of engine operation) expanding Honda’s existing iGX line-up (iGX270 and iGX390) 
  • STR (Self Tuning Regulator) governor for maintaining stable engine speed under changing load conditions
  • Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology for fuel efficiency
  • Automatic choke for easy use while reducing fuel-associated carburettor issues
  • Easier diagnostics for even longer engine life and reduction in down time
  • Advanced communication and remote control possibilities through CAN bus 

Main characteristics in detail:

  • Like the current Honda GX630/GXV630 and GX690/GXV690, the new engines feature a compact design including a hemispherical combustion chamber, integrated cylinder and cylinder head and forged steel connecting rods.   Other features that users will appreciate include digital ignition system, long-life air filter, automotive-style starter motor and a pressurized fuel pump.   All these elements contribute to high efficiency, superior cooling, low noise and vibrations as well as a reliable performance.
  • With a similar engine block as the GX630/GXV630 and GX690/GXV690, the dimensions of the iGX700/iGXV700 and iGX800/iGXV800 are also similar, allowing manufacturers maximum flexibility with regards to their existing tooling and frames.
  • The ECU delivers complete drive-by-wire remote control capability that allows to ‘manage’ the key aspects of engine operation, and the engine speed of the models can be programmed based on load and speed requirements (i.e. eco mode/power mode).
  • ​​​​​​​The self-tuning regulator (STR) governor system minimizes the drop in engine speed seen with traditional mechanical governor systems by electronically regulating the throttle valve to maintain constant stable engine speed even under changing load conditions.
  • The EFI (electronic fuel injection) configuration eliminates the carburettor and allows an electronically-controlled fuel injector to deliver the required quantity of fuel, thus offering a number of key features for the new Honda models, including:
    • Fuel efficiency due, in part, to an electronic control system that continuously monitors and adjusts the engine’s air/fuel ratio according to variable operating conditions.
    • Enhanced reliability and less maintenance due to reduced fuel-associated carburettor issues.
    • Improved starting by continuously optimizing the air/fuel mixture.
    • Improved user comfort by eliminating the manual choke and fuel shut-off valve.
  • Easier diagnostics and communication between ECUs. The new V-Twin models feature a digital hour meter and an LED indicator that informs the user about potential failures such as insufficient oil level, abnormal battery voltage, issues with sensors and so on.  These indicators are designed to alert the operator if any corrective actions need to be taken. The new V-Twin models offer a standardized method for communication amongst ECUs, creating OEM-specific/unique added value by offering advanced remote control possibilities, IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity and easier diagnostics.

All the models meet the world’s most stringent exhaust emission standards, including the European ‘’Stage V’’ and United States ‘’EPA Phase 3’’ and ‘’CARB Tier 3’’.

The engines will become available on the market in the autumn of 2019.


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