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The next generation e-start for vertical-shaft engines: Auto Charge Li-ion

The next generation e-start for vertical-shaft engines: Auto Charge Li-ion

The first GCV engines were introduced in the European market in 1997. They have been successfully sold for over 20 years to power ‘premium’ lawnmowers and – mainly in the United States – pressure washers too.
In 2018 Honda introduced the completely new GCVx line-up to power applications that require an engine with vertically-oriented crankshaft (i.e. lawnmowers), GCVx where the ‘X” stands for the ‘next’ generation of vertical-shaft engines.
Honda is now expanding its GCVx line up by introducing the GCVxe145/170/200 e-start models equipped with a next-generation easy & reliable electric start system.

GCVxe stands for a “Brand-New”, “State-of-the-Art” electric start system for vertical-shaft engines. Like the current GCVx145/170/200, the new GCVxe145/170/200 features cutting-edge design and innovative, technologically advanced elements aimed at satisfying today’s and future market requirements for gasoline-powered domestic lawn & garden applications:

Enhanced Reliability …
The lithium-ion battery has a reliable waterproof structure with rubber seals and waterproof connectors. The battery is fixed and positioned in a protected area under the innovative top cover. This ensures the application is safe to use and clean (reduced risk of water infiltration).

Efficient self-charging …
The GCVxe features an integrated charging coil and high-performance neodymium magnet for efficient charging. This system automatically charges the lithium-ion battery while the engine is running, increasing and maintaining its battery level, eliminating the need for regular external charging by the user.

High capacity …
The GCVxe uses a lithium-ion battery which delivers sufficient power to start the engine even at low state of charge. The capacity of the battery is almost double compared to a regular lead-acid battery and higher than similar lithium-ion start systems on the market.

Smart Energy Management …
The GCVx base engine’s improved startability means that the electric power draw needed for starting has been reduced. The battery is also equipped with a smart management system keeping self-discharge during long periods of storage to an absolute minimum. This has been achieved by switching automatically into standby or hibernation mode when the engine is not used over shorter or extended periods.
This feature guarantees in principle that the engine is able to start on first use (out of the box) without the need for an initial charge by the user.
In rare cases where the battery is flat and (emergency) charging is needed, the engine features a well-protected USB charging port (micro B) into which a common USB cable and charger can be connected. This common USB charging port avoids the need to supply a specific charger, cable and adaptors, thus helping to reduce environmental waste.
The GCVxe battery level is indicated by green LED light located next to the USB charging port where the user can see it easily when starting the lawnmower.

All GCVxe models meet European ‘’Stage V’’ and will become available by the end of 2019.


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