Honda always strives to achieve the best quality. In the case of “Honda Engines’’, quality embodies engine development, production and adequate after-sales service. But that’s not all! An important quality aspect is the joint product development with the OEMs. That’s why our engines don’t just deliver raw power, we consider them to deliver “SUPERPOWER’’! Together with the OEMs, we keep on innovating with an eye on the future.   

With our fully electric (and ‘general purpose’) eGX power unit, Honda offers a sustainable alternative for internal combustion engines in a specific power range to the OEMs and the market of professional applications. Combined with our ‘OEM-Honda joint development activities’ a versatile number of professional OEM products ‘Powered by Honda’ will contribute to the preservation of the planet. eGX … SUPERPOWER at its best!

But… with superpower comes huge responsibility. That’s why we want to highlight the people and sectors that use our superpower (internal combustion engines or electric motor) to accomplish great things, because it is they and others like them that are the real SUPERHEROES. Discover some of their stories below.

Saving lives

Meet Sven and Lucas, firemen who risk their own lives to save others. This makes them true superheroes! Honda and OEMs that deliver specialized applications can be extremely proud that they are able to provide firefighters all over the world with some of the superpower they need. Where saving lives is a matter of time, every second counts.

That’s why we challenge ourselves every single day to deliver the highest standards to our OEMs so that they can meet and exceed expectations. Together with heroes like Sven and Lucas, we contribute to helping to save lives.

Some examples of applications:

Lightweight generators provide reliable power in remote or tight spaces.


Fire fans immediately create better visibility by clearing smoke and lowering the temperature in buildings that are on fire.


Water pumps can help protect against floods and bring water exactly to where it is needed/wanted.

Leading the way

Meet Martin, a railway construction worker. Thanks to workers like him, millions of people can get to their destination safely and in a sustainable way on a daily base. This makes them true superheroes!

To do their job properly they can rely on specialized OEM applications equipped with a Honda power unit. Our units are specially made to support people like Martin, who want reliable, durable and long-lasting applications. That’s the superpower Honda and our OEMs provide. Together with superheroes like Martin, we contribute to helping to offer and maintain more sustainable modes of transport.

Some examples of applications:

The rails need to be ground regularly to maintain a smooth surface for the trains.


A large machine helps to fasten/unfasten rail tracks.


A welding machine is used to repair rail tracks.

Paving the future

Meet Steve, whose job it is, amongst others, to help build windmills that provide clean energy for our sustainable future. This makes him a true superhero! Getting the job done with superpower equipment ‘Powered by Honda’. OEMs and their customers can count on Honda’s reliability including the worldwide service network.

Thanks to our combined expertise as well as our innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, we proactively support people like Steve. That’s how we all, as one team, contribute to helping to build for a better world.

Some examples of applications:

Powered by either gasoline engines meeting world’s most stringent emission standards, but now also available with the emission-free Honda eGX.


Like the compactor plate, equally a must on every construction site. Now also possible to be powered by the Honda eGX.


Powered by the Honda eGX, a perfect match for indoor use.


Honda Engines, always a superhero by your side

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