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Donation to the Italian Civil Protection

Donation to the Italian Civil Protection

We at Honda Engines Europe are very proud to support the Italian Civil Protection and its volunteers in their mission to provide relief during emergencies. As we all know the area of Emilia Romagna was affected by a terrible flood, leaving the region and the people in great distress. 

Together with our Italian distributor Demal, we hope to make a difference by donating some material to the Italian Civil Protection team that supports the population affected by natural disasters of this kind.


The following materials will be provided:

1 x WT40 pump

For heavy duties and big areas flooded. The pump with the GX390 engine pumps 1640 litres a minute with 31mm debris, 2.6 bar of pressure and a 2 hours 15 minutes running time.

2 x WX10 pumps

For smaller areas flooded (such as houses). The pump with the GX25 4-stroke engine pumps 140 litres a minute with 3.6 bar of pressure and 1 hour 20 minutes running time.

1 x HP500BX power carrier

To transport debris and/or materials more efficiently. A crawler trolley equipped with Honda GXV160 gasoline-powered engine, with a load capacity of up to 500 Kg.

These materials will be used specifically in the Emilia Romagna area, but also for future emergency activities of the Italian Civil Protection such as earthquakes, floods, and fires.

Federica Giacomin, councillor of the Comune di Galzignano Terme (PD)

The gesture of Honda Engines Italy and the company Demal srl of Castelfranco Veneto was very important for our municipal group of Civil Protection and for all citizens. In addition to the support activities for the Administration, our volunteers are called to intervene in the various emergencies affecting the national territory and beyond, and being provided with the appropriate equipment and means allows them to better assist the populations in emergency. We are infinitely grateful for this donation, which will make a difference in times of difficulty.

Francesco Moro, coordinator of the Civil Protection of "Galzignano Terme"

One day I was contacted by Moreno Gallo Cassarino of Honda Motori Italia because they wanted to donate something to deal with the emergency underway in the Emilian provinces. I told Moreno who we are, what we do and how we get around, this was enough to move the great solidarity and generosity of Honda Motori Italia in a very short time.

This is why, on behalf of all the volunteers of the Civil Protection group of Galzignano Terme, I thank Honda Motori Italia for the donation of professional and cutting-edge material that has been donated to us. I also thank the company Demal srl of Castelfranco Veneto for having made their time available to demonstrate the material received as a donation to some of us.

We must always remember that unity is strength and together we always win.


Moreno Gallo Cassarino, Sales Manager Honda Engines Italy

It is a source of pride for the entire Honda Motori Italia team to have had the opportunity to support the Civil Protection group of the Municipality of Galzignano Terme. Thanks to the donated material, these fantastic people, always ready to help others, will be facilitated in their voluntary work and support to the population, not only now, on the occasion of the flood in Romagna, but also in the future, on the occasion of other emergencies that will hit the country.

This also happened thanks to the availability of our division, Honda Engines Europe, which, following the founding values of the company, has allowed us to support the Italian Civil Protection with a small, great gesture.

A special thanks goes out to:

  • Erik Mazzocca and Demal for preparing the machines and giving a clear explanation of their usage to the team of Civil Protection.
  • Mrs. Federica Giacomin, councillor of the Comune di Galzignano Terme (PD), who is responsible for civil protection.
  • The team of Protezione Civile Italiana and their coordinator Mr Francesco Moro, Comune di Galzignano Terme (PD), for their incredible work and perseverance.
  • Moreno Gallo Cassarino of Honda Engines Italy for managing and guiding the project.

Honda, helping people get things done.


Honda Engines, always a superhero by your side

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