Exclusions for warranty

The following items are not covered by warranty:

1. Common

1. Any damage which results from neglect of the periodic maintenance specified by Honda.
2. Any damage which results from repair or maintenance operations by methods other than specified by Honda.
3. Any product which has participated in a racing event, rally or competition.
4. Any damage which results from misuse or use beyond the limitations or the intended purpose specified by Honda, such as overloading, or any damage due to use under abnormal conditions.
5. Any damage which results from use of non-genuine parts, lubricant or fluid not approved by Honda.
6. Any damage resulting from modification or installation in other products in a way not approved by Honda which has any influence on the function and/or performance of the products.
7. Any damage which results from operation other than specified in the Owner's Manual, either intentionally or by error.
8. Fading of painted surfaces, deterioration of plated surfaces, deterioration of rubber and plastics, and rusting due to the passage of time.
9. Normal phenomena such as noise, vibration or oil seepage which are considered by Honda as not affecting the quality, function or performance of the product.
10. Any damage due to improper storage or transport.
11. Expendable replacement items.
• Expendable replacement parts: Spark plugs, contact points, shear pins, fuel strainers, oil filter elements, air cleaner elements, brake shoes, clutch discs, fuses, motor brushes, gaskets, packings, tubes, belts. 
• Petroleum products and others: Oil, grease, battery electrolyte, radiator coolant. Other items specified by Honda.   
12. Periodical maintenance items such as cleaning, inspection and adjustments.
13. Any repair and/or adjustment performed by persons other than a distributor or his authorized dealers, or damage resulting there from. As a rule, warranty shall not be applied to repair or adjustment performed by persons other than a distributor or his authorized dealers. However, in case of an unavoidable emergency, repair or adjustment may be carried out by other persons and, when judged by the distributor as being proper, the distributor will be compensated for the cost of adjustment in accordance with the procedure for a normal warranty claim if the claim is approved by Honda.
14. Any repair and/or adjustment to correct improper or poor quality work previously performed.
15. Incidental expenses incurred in the warranty claim.
• Additional expenses such as those for towing, communications, hotel and meals, etc., incurred due to breakdown of the product at a remote location. 
• Any expense related to personal injury and/or property damage (exclusive of the product itself). 
• Compensation for time loss, commercial losses or rental costs of a substitute product during the period of adjustment.   
16. Any damage which results from unavoidable natural disasters, fire, collision, theft, etc.
17. Any normal wear or deterioration, such as that of sliding and/or rotating parts caused under normal operating conditions.
• Normal wear to pistons, piston rings, cylinders, piston pins, valve seats, stems and bearings.
18. Any trouble or damage caused by soot, smoke medicines chemicals salt or the like.

2. Engines

1. Any defect on Engines caused by improper installation in other products.
• Any damage resulting from vibration caused by improper installation. 
• Any defect caused by mishandling and/or incorrect matching of the OEM engine and product in which it is installed as described in the OEM Technical Manual for OEM engines. 
2. Any expense related to installation or removal of OEM engine from product in which it is installed for repair.
3. Normal expendable replacement parts:
• Spark plugs, contact points, shear pins, fuel strainers, air cleaner elements, oil filter elements, starter motor brushes, gaskets, packings, V-belts.
4. Any defect caused by improper maintenance and/or use.
• Bend or break in the crankshaft caused by external shock.
• Any defect caused by use other than specified by Honda.
• Malfunctioning engine due to use of improper fuel. .
• Cylinder seizure caused by overheat.
5. Any cost or damage resulting from overhaul of any sealed units or parts which Honda instructs should not be disassembled
• Sealing of the governor 
6. Others correspond to the common category of exclusions

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