How to claim warranty

In case you face a problem with the Honda engine on your machine, you can claim a repair or replacement under warranty if the following conditions are fulfilled:

Procedure and rules

  • Take your Honda engine or the equipment in which it is installed to a dealer.
  • Authorized dealers are directly linked to the Honda subsidiary or distributor in your country.
  • Independent dealers can forward your claim to a spare parts distributor or to the Honda distributor presuming that those are available in your country (see service network). 
  • If there is no Honda subsidiary or distributor in your country it is recommended to contact the dealer, importer or manufacturer of the machine in order to claim warranty.
  • The invoice or another document proving the date of sales of the machine should be presented.
  • In case of export, the warranty conditions of the country where the machine is imported are valid (not those of the country where the machine is produced).
  • Honda Warranty applies on all Honda products.
  • Honda General Purpose engines are used to power machines that are manufactured and sold by other companies than Honda.
  • In this case the Honda warranty is only covering defects of the engine, not of the machine where it is incorporated into nor on the parts or equipment that are attached to the engine in order to fit the engine to the application. 
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